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K&K Sound - Pure Classic Pickup

Pick-up passivo per chitarra acustica classica. Da montare sotto la piastra del ponte. Uno dei nostri Bestsellers!

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No batteries required: The output level of this passive Pickup is enough to be processed directly from the mixer or amplifier.
Easy Installation: The main structural changes to your guitar is in the exchange of the strap nut against a corresponding jack.

The Pure Classic System works with four Pickups (transducers) that are stuck under the bridge plate.
This eliminates an adaptation of the saddle, which saves a lot of work and fine tuning.
Besides, this is better for the sound of the guitar, because the strings the ceiling directly, without bringing additional disruption, to vibrate. So the natural, authentic and full sound of the wood is transferred, without the harsh and sterile metallic sound of a conventional Piezo Pickup. What you hear is your guitar: the individual sound of your instrument and your playing style. Each of the transducer is for a pair of strings (EA, DG, BE) to produce a balanced sound and no string is extremely loud or soft. Being close to the bridge keeps the percussive sound of the strings in the sound and get the feedback sensitivity low.

Option: Gold-plated strap nut

If it should look something noble, the cartridge can also be supplied with a gold-plated strap button. Simply add this option to your cart.

Option: Vintage Jack

The vintage version, with its massive brass bush even more precious and you need not have an extension of your strap button hole mostly because it is so small that it can simply be replaced by the existing strap button. Simply put the option to the shopping bag.

Extensions of the System

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What else?

Here you will find reviews and customer reviews directly on the manufacturers website. On request we can also provide a test of the "Akustik Gitarre" in German.

Click here to be a great help / FAQ file open (in English) about the K & K products.

Under the "Download" tab you will find the installation instructions in English.
We gladly provide you with a German installation instructions according to EU standard available.

Listen to sound samples on the manufacturer's website at.

On YouTube you can find more sound samples, and installation instructions .

K & K Pickups are RoHS compliant. Piezoceramic is officially excluded.In the manufacture of ceramics, lead is used as it unfortunately currently there is no functional substitute. The lead is incorporated in the ceramic, and is sealed on both sides by a silver electrode. The ceramics is mounted on a solid brass plate. From above it is provided with a plastic seal, so that the lead is so hermetically sealed completely and makes contact with the skin makes it impossible. Damage to the Pickup, because you could come in contact with lead. We are WEEE conform and wear exclusively for K & K products throughout Europe, the responsibility of WEEE.

  • Alimentazione: non necessario
  • Anschluss: Anschluss an einen Akustikgitarrenverstärker, Mischpult, Vorverstärker oder DI-Box.
  • Anschlusstyp: Klinke, 6,35 mm Stereo, Verdrahtung in Reihenfolge der Größe der Lötfahnen: Tonabnehmer / (optionaler) 2. Tonabnehmer / optionale Stromversorgung (nicht erforderlich) / Masse des Tonabnehmers
  • Controllo volume: opzione
  • Equalizzatore: non disponibile
  • Estenzione: Trinity, Meridian, Powermix
  • Impedanz: Die Impedanz von Transducern ist abhängig von der verarbeitenden Frequenz. Grundsätzlich empfehlen wir einen hochohmigen Eingang (0,5 – 1 MΩ), aber auch ein Betrieb an Eingängen mit anderen Impedanzen ist möglich und kann vorsichtig ausprobiert werden.
  • Instrumente Gitarren mit Nylonsaiten
  • Montaggio: Internal, under the bridgeplate
  • Phase switch: non disponibile
  • Preamplificatore: opzione, ma non necessariamente
  • Tipo del pickup: 4 x Transducer

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