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K&K Sound - Tri-Star Preamp

K&K Sound - Tri-Star Preamp

Il Tri-Star è un 3 canali Preamp. E appositamente progettato per il collaudato K & K Pure Sistemi pickup, ma può essere utilizzato anche con altri sistemi K & K con più di due trasduttori.

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The Tri-Star is a 3-channel Preamp. It is specially designed for the proven K & K Pure Pickup Systems, but can also be used with other K & K Systems with more than two transducers.

This preamplifier enables precise adjustment of the volume of each transducer (pickup) to achieve an optimum balance of each string. It is difficult to beat the quality and success of the Pure System, but this is the consistent and uncompromising step to raise the bar yet another step higher.

Features of the Tri-Star Preamp:

  • Individual gain regulation of the Pure Pickup single transducers to achieve a balanced sound for your instrument and your playing style.
  • K & K's special 3-band EQ for the master signal.

3 separate and independent class A operational amplifiers were used to enables an individual gain leveler. While the channel for the E - A pair of strings includes the full sound spectrum, for the other channels a progressive bass cut was considered. The strings couple D-G was the bass slightly reduced below the frequency of 140 Hz. The channel for the pair of strings B-E has a more extreme drop below the frequency of 250Hz. Since the high strings anyway do not operate in this frequency range, can be as the sprinkling of other strings as well as the playing sounds are suppressed and only the clear sound of the strings are transmitted. The setting of each channel is performed using the supplied long screwdriver.

  • Alimentazione: batteria, 9V
  • Anschluss: Anschluss an einen Akustikgitarrenverstärker, Mischpult, Vorverstärker oder DI-Box.
  • Anschlusstyp: Klinke, 6,35 mm Stereo, Verdrahtung in Reihenfolge der Größe der Lötfahnen: Tonabnehmer / (optionaler) 2. Tonabnehmer / optionale Stromversorgung (nicht erforderlich) / Masse des Tonabnehmers
  • Controllo volume: incluso, interno
  • Equalizzatore: non disponibile
  • Estenzione: Trinity, Powermix
  • Impedanz: 10 kΩ (Line-Pegel)
  • Instrumente diverse, siehe Beschreibung
  • Montaggio: interno
  • Phase switch: non disponibile
  • Preamplificatore: incluso, interno
  • Tipo del pickup: 1 x Transducer

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