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K&K Sound - Meridian Guitar Pro System

Meridian Guitar Pro - external Microphone System at its best.

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Meridian - external Microphone for guitar

This new externally mounted unidirectional condenser mic sounds silky smooth with amazing feedback rejection and the convenience of an adjustable clamp that securely fits any acoustic guitar model.

It can be paired with the phantom powered Meridian Microphone Preamp (included in the System) or with the K&K Quantum Blender.

The Meridian Preamp features a unique mid frequency control System that lets you dial-in a studio quality acoustic guitar tone while holding feedback at bay.

The Meridian microphone has one serious advantage over an internal guitar mic. It is NOT inside the guitar. The true guitar sound logically happens outside the guitar body. Inside there are, aside from an excessive amount of bass frequencies, various sound reflections that do not represent the true tone of your instrument. An external mic captures the guitar sound as YOU hear it.

With our gooseneck design the mic can be precisely aimed. Point it more towards the soundhole for a bassier tone or towards the body/neck joint for a tighter/brighter sound. K&K’s special gooseneck design guarantees that the mic will stay solid in the position you put it.

The 2 part clamp System is made from powder-coated stainless steel, well padded with non skid rubber on the inside and easily adjustable for different body depth.

We found that the Meridian mic allows for considerable volume even with small acoustic amps. It is the ideal addition for the player who wants to add a high quality microphone without any alteration to the instrument. Plus, one single Meridian Mic will serve multiple guitars!

And, like any K&K product, you buy quality workmanship proudly made in Oregon USA.

The Meridian Microphone System comes in a sturdy foam padded plastic transport case.

The Meridian Pro preamp features all the controls you will ever need.

3 band EQ, phase switch, adjustable input gain, line out and balanced XLR active DI out all in one box.

Input: ¼ mono with 5 volt DC lavalier mic
Power supply
Output 1: XLR active balanced – 8K Ohm
Output 2: Line – 100 Ohm
Bass control: +/- 20 dB - 100 Hz high pass
Midrange control: +/-20 dB – 1.5K super wide band Q
Treble control: +/- 20 dB – 10K
Power requirements: 12-48 Volt phantom power or 9 volt battery

Extensions of the System

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What else?

Here you will find reviews and customer reviews directly on the manufacturers website. On request we can also provide a test of the "Akustik Gitarre" in German.

Click here to be a great help / FAQ file open (in English) about the K & K products.

Under the "Download" tab you will find the installation instructions in English.
We gladly provide you with a German installation instructions according to EU standard available.

Listen to sound samples on the manufacturer's website at.

On YouTube you can find more sound samples, and installation instructions .

K & K Pickups are RoHS compliant. Piezoceramic is officially excluded.In the manufacture of ceramics, lead is used as it unfortunately currently there is no functional substitute. The lead is incorporated in the ceramic, and is sealed on both sides by a silver electrode. The ceramics is mounted on a solid brass plate. From above it is provided with a plastic seal, so that the lead is so hermetically sealed completely and makes contact with the skin makes it impossible. Damage to the Pickup, because you could come in contact with lead. We are WEEE conform and wear exclusively for K & K products throughout Europe, the responsibility of WEEE.

  • Alimentation: batterie, 9V / phantom power through XLR
  • Anschluss: Anschluss an einen Akustikgitarrenverstärker, Mischpult, Vorverstärker oder DI-Box.
  • Anschlusstyp: XLR mit oder ohne Phantomspeisung
  • Contrôle du volume: vorhanden, extern
  • Equalizer: compris, externe
  • Impedanz: 10 kΩ (Line-Pegel)
  • Instrumente diverse, siehe Beschreibung
  • Montage: externe
  • Phase switch: compris
  • Pickup type: microphone
  • Preamp: compris, externe
  • Uprade: no disponible

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