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TUSQ Plektron Warm Standard Vintage

TUSQ Plektron Warm Standard Vintage
TUSQ Picks Warm Standard Vintage
- aus dem legendären TUSQ-Material
- Stark, haltbar & langlebig
- Hohe Steifheit im Verhältnis zur Stärke
- Sehr angenehmes Spielgefühl
- Verbesserte Harmonik

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Feel it, hear it! The Worlds First Pick with Tone.

The type of pick you use affects the tone you create. That's why we created TUSQ picks, the world's first and only pick with built-in tone. By formulating our proprietary material, we created a whole new class of picks, with highly resonant characteristics that produce three distinctive tones: Bright, Warm and Deep.

Choosing your pick tone is easy.

TUSQ pick tones are all coded by color. White is our Bright tone. If you want a clear, crisp tone with lots of top end; choose from any of our white-colored picks. Our vintage colored picks deliver a Warm, smooth tone and TUSQ charcoal colored picks go Deep to give you a full raw tone when you need it. TUSQ picks: The feel you like, the shape you want, and now the tone you crave.

Different Shapes for Different Strokes.

We started off with three different shapes to compliment different playing styles and players preference. The Standard is probably the most popular shape on the market today. The Bi Angle give the player two unique tips to give you the flexibility to change tone and picking style mid performance. Lastly we have the Tear Drop. This shape help increase speed and accuracy for fast picking and shredding.

What are people saying?

"In forty years of playing guitar it's one of the best picks I have ever used! It may be the perfect pick and I plan on buying more and telling my friends about it as well." - Kim Young Read more testimonials here

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